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Blizzcon 2014

Well, once again Blizzcon tickets went on sale tonight and once again I found myself stuck in the queue for tickets... Wait, what? Holy crap. Holy Crap. HOLY CRAP!


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I'm not sure how much traffic we actually get here, but I'm thrilled to provide what support and visibility I can for one of our own:

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Welcome back, Okla!

It's only taken me roughly 3 years of pestering and cajoling, but I'm proud to announce that Okla has, at long last, returned to Archon where he belongs!

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My alarm went off at 21:55 local and I started refreshing the blizzard store page in anticipation of Blizzcon 2013 tickets going on sale. Within seconds, I was in the 6293rd in the queue and counting down. Unfortunately, tickets sold out while there were still 2000 bodies ahead of me in line. Which makes THIS even more infuriating

I recognize that trying to manage the logistics around an event of this size can't possibly be easy, but there's got to be a solution that doesn't leave thousands of excited players stuck left wanting while unscrupulous scalpers flood e-bay with overpriced tickets.


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Mumble is back online

Data center maintenance has concluded and our voice server is once again operational.

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Archon prepares to raid Pandaria!

Signups are now open for our first forays into Pandaria raiding. These will be casual, no-pressure raids roughly one night per week. If interested, please see this thread to sign up.

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Recently, I had cause to upgrade my trusty gaming setup. I've been using dual monitors for a while now but decided to replace my aging laptop with a 3rd screen. While it was a bit pricier than I'd realized, and the initial setup was more than a little wonky, I'm quite happy with the current arrangement. I can use one of the screens as a display for my work laptop during the day, then switch over to ultra-widescreen gaming in the evenings. Here's a couple shots I took this past weekend for reference. You can find others, and the full-size versions of these, in the Gallery.

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Mists of Pandaria Release Date announced

The latest expansion to WoW is now scheduled to go live on September 25th. I'll be back in game for the level grind, at least, and I hope to see many of the guild running around again as well.


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Cho'gall beheaded!

Congratulations to the <Archon> raid team once again for their first kill of Cho'gall. With this victory, the guild is only one kill away from earning the coveted Phoenix mount!

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Nefarian Defanged!

Congratulations to the raid team on their first kill of Nefarian! Blackwing Descent is officially clear and we now turn our attention to Cho'gall and his minions.

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Raiding Resumes!

Congratulations to the raid team who downed Magmaw and Omnotron this week after several weeks of cancelled raids and frustration. Special thanks to Tubman and Talasi for going the extra mile to get us moving again. It looks as though we finally have things back on track, so please visit the raid thread and sign up if you're interested in being part of the team.

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Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone health, wealth, and happiness for 2011!

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The Cataclysm has come!!

As of right now, the servers are running the new code and all the amazing features of the latest expansion are live! Cataclysm has unlocked some very nice new guild abilities, so make sure to check your guild tab to make sure you're not missing out on the great new rewards.

On a related note, the promised raid-roster-reset has already occurred. All Adepts and Raiders have been reset to their proper ranks until we re-initiate the raid teams at the end of January. If you notice that your characters are incorrectly ranked or identified, please let one of the Officers know.

Safe travels in the new world!

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The world has already shattered, but things can always get worse: Cataclysm arrives tonight at Midnight!

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After weeks and weeks of frustration, tonight the <Archon> raiders claimed ultimate victory over the forces of the Scourge with the death of the Lich King himself!

This historic event marks the first time in guild history that the raid team has completed expansion content during that expansion's lifetime and it shows just how far we've come since we took our first tentative steps into Karazhan. Thank you to everybody who put in so much hard work and CONGRATULATIONS on your hard-earned victory!

While we'll be venturing into Ruby Sanctum now, we'll be continuing to raid Icecrown as our primary focus until everyone interested has had their opportunity to experience the thrill of seeing Arthas die.

Visit the raid thread here

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